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About Us

The medical staff at our center practices family medicine and specializes in the evaluation and care of your total health needs. They are trained in every major area of medicine and are well qualified to treat virtually all of your health problems. Our medical staff will evaluate your health in terms of stress factors, family history, and other possible effects on your current health, which are unique to you. To best serve you, our staff works as a team.

We try to be as responsive as possible to your needs and concerns. We encourage your suggestions and questions. No one will be denied treatment regardless of race, sex, creed, color, handicap, nationality, or ability to pay. State of the art equipment and methods are used to evaluate your preventive care and on-going treatment plan. Our examination rooms are fully equipped to manage the kinds of treatment you may require at the time you are seen. Our laboratory is fully equipped with the devices that are required and needed to make sure that any testing that is needed, we are equipped to handle.