St. James-Santee Family Health Center, Inc."Helping Today...Changing Tomorrow"
"Meeting Your Need For
Primary Health Care"

Main Site:
St. James-Santee Family Health Center, Inc.
1189 Tibwin Road McClellanville, SC 29458
Telephone: (843) 887-3274
Fax: (843) 887-3929
North-Santee Sampit Site

2482 Powell Road Georgetown, SC 29440 (843)527-7533(T)-(843)527-7940(F)
Choppee Site

8189 Choppee Road Georgetown, SC 29440 (843) 545-8723(T)-(843)545-8346(F)
Fraser Street Site

422 North Fraser Street Georgetown,SC 29440 (843)436-1333(T)-(843)436-1335(F)

SJSFHC New Site Coming To Andrews, SC (675 North Morgan Ave.)

SJSFHC have four sites for your convenient. Click on any site above for more information.

St. James-Santee Family Health Center, Inc. has been a leader in providing high quality, cost effective, health care. Initially established to provide health care to the underserved, SJSFHC has expanded its role, becoming one of the most respected health care providers in SJSFHC Community.
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